Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate an upcoming event?  Two a Tea is the perfect spot for your next shower, birthday party, holiday celebration or special occasion!

This form must be filled out by any party of 10 guests or larger.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or e-mail if you have any other questions! 


  • As you will see in the party contract, we are pleased to offer either The Royal High Tea, The Queen’s Tea or The Grand Duchess Tea to our parties of 10 guests or larger. The Princess Tea is available for guests ages 5-10 only.

  • Larger parties are welcome to choose either an 11am-1:30pm or 2:30pm-5pm seating. Parties exceeding the 2 ½ hour seating time are subject to a $50 per half hour fee. During your seating time, along with enjoying your selected Tea, you are also welcome to open gifts and play games when appropriate. We only as that you are considerate of our other guests, especially when the dining room is shared with other parties. 

  • Our main dining room can seat 35 guests. If your party is going to be 30 guests or larger, then we are happy to make the room private for you. If your party will be less than 30 guests, we do leave tables open for other reservations and walk-in guests. For parties smaller than 30 that wish to rent the entire dining room there is a $15 per empty chair charge, up to 30. For example, a party of 20 people would leave 10 empty chairs. 10 x $15 = $150 Therefore, there would be an additional fee of $150 for the rental of the entire dining room for a party of 20 guests.

  • A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold a reservation for a large party.  On the day of your party you will pay the remaining balance of the subtotal as well as 18% gratuity and sales tax.

  • We ask 72 hour notice for your final count of party guests. Unfilled reservations will be billed at 1/2 the cost of your selected menu option plus sales tax.  Please understand that we will likely have turned other guests away to host your party, so your final count is very important.

  • When you are ready to make your reservation, please give us a call to ensure that the day and time you want are available.Then simply fill out the contract and either fax it to us, drop it in the mail, or bring it by the shop. Your reservation is not guaranteed until we receive your contract! 


Thank you for considering Two a Tea for your special event.  We look forward to hosting a fun and memorable tea for you and your guests.